Since you see this page, you have discovered us and become a part of this
social experiment now.
Welcome to the most honest and frank project ever!

To understand what we are trying to do, please read this post.

However, if one of the criteria below fits you, don't bother to read this post. Just close the page and move your way.

• If you are a tech-lover who believes that the crypto is the future;

• If you believe that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies emerge as a protest against the current financial order and they are totally "innocent";

• If you believe that DeFi is the future of the banking system, crypto metaverse projects will be at the center of our lives, smart contracts will replace notaries, Bitcoin will be the world's single currency one day, and you’ll be rich with the tokens you earned by walking/running;

• If you think that the crypto teams are idealists creating technology…

• If you are interested in some particular news including partnerships established between cryptos, activities of the teams on social media, being listed on important stocks, high TVL etc..
If the stupid KYC and Audit procedures are important for you… Do Kwon was a public figure, right? Lol

What happened to projects you really trust when all coins are collapsing? So, institutional investors were also in the game, even some miserable countries bought btc, and you thought crypto could never fall, right?
So... You once thought that there was DeFi now and the crypto has started to fight the financial order... So, you once believed that TVLs are now billions of dollars and DeFi is very legit?

So, you once thought there were projects enabling you to earn while walking, running, and even shitting? And you thought losing is stupidity anymore? So, there were move-to-earns projects where you paid $100 for its shoes and earned $5 by running for one month. Have you noticed how move-to-earns evolved to fuck-to-earns? lol

What is crypto for us?
It is a Ponzi that the global finance world is created. So, since the printed money will not be used in real life, it does not cause a rise in inflation. Printed money goes to cryptos. People buy shitcoins with this money and mostly broke up. So, this money was actually like never printed. Shortly, the psychological effect of what seems like a problem is eliminated. However, using the printed money, companies are saved, some political parties won the election, thus the wealth transfer that should have been done is done.
Anyway, let’s focus on our subject!

What is 160IQ?
160IQ is a project created by some ETH/BNB whales for high-IQ crypto investors (in honor of Einstein and preferably +160 IQ). It is actually a social experiment. It is presented for some old-school investors who are not interested in stupid Ponzi systems such as DeFi, NFTs, move-to-earn, play-to-earn. We believe that the whole crypto is a Ponzi. So, it makes you rich or poor. That's the whole thing. The rest is bullshit. So, when you buy a coin, what you need to worry about is whether it make you earn money or not. Don’t you get it yet? Ok then, focus on us...
What is 160IQ token?
It is a simple bep-20 token. Has no function. So, it’s just a shitcoin. However… Once you get our main philosophy, you will understand why we are doing this and why this token is so valuable...
What is 160IQ token created?
As a reaction of mad whales to the system. To show the crypto community the "realities of the crypto”.
What will happen?
At first, they will deny us. They will make fun of us. They will do FUD. And we do not give a shit. Yes, no shit. Anyway, softcap 1 BNB and listing is sure as death. A small group of highly intelligent people who recognize our philosophy during the fair launch will invest. On the other hand, those ‘’legit Project’’ and KYC/Audit lovers will not be interested. After listing, we'll spend a small portion of the money (for us) we earned to pump this shit token. We’ll make huge green candles. Those who denied us will continue doing FUD as they didn’t buy before. However, we’ll make such a great pumping one day and at that moment, the deniers will go crazy getting this token. And we, together with the small minority who believed in us from the very beginning, will sell this token to fudders. (ATH, min. X 666 in about 1 month)
This is a social experiment. Only one single thing matters: Will you believe it or not? Will you buy it or not? Nothing else matters! You join this social experiment from the moment you discovered it.

About the team?
The project team is early Ethereum and BNB investors and old-school whales who are angry that crypto has become centralized. We presented this for a social experiment and also for fun. We told what will happen. Believe us or deny it, it is your choice?